Order NOT MY IDEA from Dottir Press

“Racism was not your idea. You don’t need to defend it.”

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Order TELL ME ABOUT SEX, GRANDMA from Dottir Press

This version of “the talk” emphasizes that sexuality is your birthright, and it develops over a lifetime.

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Order DEATH IS STUPID from Dottir Press

As a child views his grandmother in a casket, he overhears a relative say, “She’s in a better place.” Furious, he asks, “Would I be in a better place if I died?!” He wants his grandmother back and is freaked at seeing his father cry.

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Order DIVORCE IS THE WORST from Dottir Press

They say: “It’s for the best”— and it may be. Kids can get over it a lot easier if they have the space to go through it. You can stay whole while your people are splitting apart.

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Order YOU RUINED IT from Dottir Press

“I wanna show you the good parts of being with him before this happened, how fun it was.” In the aftermath of a disclosure of sexual abuse by a beloved family member, being believed, cared for, and protected by the people you depend on most is essential. This book includes discussion questions and a boundary-setting activity.

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Order WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW from Dottir Press

“We are born in a constant state of change and stay changing. Can you stand to stand back and behold us, let us be?” This celebration of self-love and a supportive family includes special guest stars Jesus Christ and Billy Porter.