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For one “oversensitive” sixth-grader, knowing he’s gay isn’t what worries him. What worries him is seeing everyone scared (and scarred). He might not be out yet, but he can sense his parents’ concern, his friends’ acceptance, and the church’s hypocrisy. But what all of them don’t know is that it’s never occurred to him to do anything but love himself, and until he senses that it’s safe to come out, he just plans on radiating love.

Praise for What You Don’t Know:

Ms. Magazine

Anastasia Higginbotham shows what it means to be queer and Black growing up in America today through the eyes of Demetrius. Exploring the love and acceptance Demetrius feels from his family and friends and the fear of growing up when you aren’t what society deems to be ‘normal.'” 

Rachel Aimee, Executive Director, Drag Queen Story Hour NYC

What You Don’t Know shows a world where queer kids are allowed to be whole. Anastasia’s collage work is original, funny, and deeply evocative, depicting the fear and hope of being young and LGBTQ+ in today’s changing and volatile world, and the transformative power of allies.

Cooper Lee Bombardier, author of Pass with Care: Memoirs

What You Don’t Know is an ontological investigation and a treatise on love, disguised as a children’s book. It is sure to make many kids (and their parents) feel seen.”

Betsy Bird, Collection Development Manager of the Evanston Public Library

I think the days of Heather Has Two Mommies are long past. We’re ready for GLBTQIA+ stories for kids that are a little bit complicated and a little bit interesting and a whole lotta fantastic. For all this, the person you turn to is Anastasia Higginbotham.” 

Joanna Katz, librarian, Tennessee

Anastasia Higginbotham has the honor and distinction of being the most challenged author during my time working in libraries―but her books remain on our shelves. She tackles difficult topics in a straightforward and age-appropriate way. That may ruffle some feathers, but her books are an asset to a well-balanced collection.”