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“Racism was not your idea. You don’t need to defend it.”

A white child sees a news report of a white police officer shooting and killing a person with brown skin who had their hands up. “We don’t see color,” the child’s mother says, but the child senses a deeper truth. An afternoon in the library uncovers the reality of white supremacy in America. The child connects to the opportunity and their responsibility to dismantle white supremacy–for the sake of their own liberation out of ignorance and injustice.

Praise for Not My Idea:

Loretta Ross, author of Radical Reproductive Justice

“Helping young white people dismantle white supremacy is urgently needed; this book is a primer on how to begin.”

Kate Schatz, New York Times-bestselling author of Rad American Women A-Z

“I am in love with Not My Idea, and with Higginbotham’s direct, radical, compassionate approach to talking about whiteness.”

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams, author of Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation

“Higginbotham’s moral compass is true north.”

Ann Santori, children’s librarian, Cook Memorial Public Library District

“A smooth, loving ‘on ramp’ for white families engaging in discussions of race.”

Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

“Higginbotham has a gift for taking difficult subjects and rendering them both simple and deeply honest.”

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