– Pre-order NOT MY IDEA, releasing September 4, 2018 from Dottir Press

http://kelseymichaelsfineart.com/kelseymichaels/Artists/Pages/Albert_Curtis.html “Racism was not your idea. You don’t need to defend it.”

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– Order TELL ME ABOUT SEX, GRANDMA from Feminist Press

This version of “the talk” emphasizes that sexuality is your birthright, and it develops over a lifetime.

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– Order DEATH IS STUPID from Feminist Press

As a child views his grandmother in a casket, he overhears a relative say, “She’s in a better place.” Furious, he asks, “Would I be in a better place if I died?!” He wants his grandmother back and is freaked at seeing his father cry.

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– Order DIVORCE IS THE WORST from Feminist Press

They often say: “It’s for the best”— and, in the long run, it may be. But kids going through it know better. The challenge is how to stay whole when your people split apart.

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